2024 Pledge Card


Dear Decatur Methodist Family,


How can I begin to describe how the Lord has blessed us here at Decatur Methodist Church? I cannot do it justice to be honest. Words cannot paint the picture of the journey we have taken together over 2023. The faithfulness of God to His people is evident in all the things we have been able to accomplish this year.


A group of people without a church (home) to call their own began a journey of total surrender to a God who is faithful and ever promising. I never thought in a million years we would see what is happening in our world today within the universal church; however, God has been faithful, and He is greatly to be praised.


This year as we began this journey together, we have witnessed over 300 professing members come to be a part of this local body of believers. Many have stepped up to help provide the many ministries and responsibilities of the church. God has blessed us with a full staff that is growing together and learning more about where God desires this church to travel. I am humbled to be one of those staff members and very grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Senior Pastor.


We have witnessed many minor miracles this year and one of those is how this church has stepped up financially to support the mission and vision of Decatur Methodist Church. Over 85% of the families in this church are faithfully giving to the work, and because of that faithfulness we are able to accomplish much for God’s glory. The Finance Committee along with the support of the many ministries of the church is asking each member of the church to seek God’s guidance in how you can help support the operating budget and continued renovation needs as we go into 2024.


Would you please take some time to seek the Lord about what you believe would be a faith pledge to help DMC as we navigate a final proposal for a 2024 budget. This budget is a wholistic approach to cover missions, age graded ministries, facility maintenance etc. I would love to see us not to have to do a capital fund campaign in 2024 to cover these facility upgrades. My hope and prayer is we can include all of this in one budget for 2024.


As I shared, please take some time to seek the Lord and provide your 2024 pledge by CLICKING IN LINK ABOVE. Again, God has blessed us all, and may we be found faithful in our support of His church.


In Christ,



Jack Lovelace, Sr. Pastor                                            Mike Vickery

Decatur Methodist Church                                         Finance Committee Chairman